Completion of the booking contract

With your registration or oral agreement the traveling contract becomes mandatory. Your registration can be done in writing, orally, respectively telephonically or via Mail (e-mail)/ Online booking. The registration through you also takes place for all other traveling participants listed in the registration. The registering person has to vouch for him/her self and other traveling participants, that the contract commitment is abided. The contract is fixed upon our acceptance. Our acceptance has no specific form. By conclusion of the contract or directly after it you will receive a traveling confirmation in writing. Should the confirmation differ from your registration, then you have the liability to object within 10 days >from the date on which you received the written confirmation. Otherwise our confirmation is considered mandatory accepted.


By conclusion of the contract it is mandatory to pay 15% in advance from the total arrangement price which was booked with us. The rest payment for the service of Natural Western Canada Tours Ltd. is due six week before traveling accession, apart from the payments to third parties which are due immediately by the conclusion of the contract. If this is the case we will inform you orally or in writing (traveling acknowledgment). The due date is adjusted to the conditions of the concerning companies with which we work with. The handing out of possible documents to your booking by Natural Western Canada Tours Ltd. are presented to you after the payment is duly received on our Bank account. By not paying despite the existing lawful and complying contract requirements we are not legally obligated to hand out the documents. Rescission fee are due to payment immediately. You may pay the rest of the traveling price CHF / CAD or US Dollar on to a Swiss or Canadian bank account, according to the daily exchange rate of the date of conclusion of the contract.

Service& Price

The contract services apply to the description, illustrations and price information for the concerning booking, which were indicated in the written traveling confirmation. These are binding for us. However we explicitly caveat, out of significant factual authorized and not foreseeable reasons before conclusion of the contract to explain an adjustment on a detail, over which we would naturally inform you as soon as possible.

Service changes

Changes or discrepancies of single services from the agreed content of the traveling confirmation, which become essential and were not caused by us against good faith, are only possible if they do not effect the overall plan of the booked Trip/service significantly. Eventual guarantee claims stay untouched, as long as the changed services do not have any deficiencies. We would naturally inform you over any service changes or discrepancies. In this case you have the right to with draw from the traveling contract or to request a different trip of equal value, as long as we are in the position to offer you such a trip out of our assortment without any additional costs. You have to assert this right immediately after our explanation on the changes. Otherwise it is considered as excepted.

With drawl through the customer

You can with draw from the contract at any time before the beginning of the booked performance by Natural Western Canada Tours Ltd.. For this please consult our cancellation conditions. The first service day (respectively the starting day of the first service) is decisive for the cancellation respite. If you with draw from the booking contract we can calculate an adequate compensation for each registered traveling person or we can demand as cancellation fee as per the following.

Cancellation fees

a) The cancellation conditions for miscellaneous bookings are as per the traveling confirmation. b) By the cancellation of a complete individual trip with Natural Western Canada Tours Ltd. up to five weeks before the start of the trip, a cancellation fee of up to 15% is due, out of the total cost of the whole trip booked with Natural Western Canada Tours Ltd. This can individually differ depending on the size of the trip and cancellation possibilities of third parties. c) By the cancellation of an individual service from/with Natural Western Canada Tours Ltd. up to five weeks before the start of the trip a cancellation fee from up to 15% is due, out of the total cost of the whole trip booked with Natural Western Canada Tours Ltd. This can individually differ depending on the size of the trip and cancellation possibilities of third parties. d) By all cancellations of services booked with Natural Western Canada Tours Ltd. within less than five weeks before the start of our services the whole 100% of the booking fee is due.

Rebooking hires

Should you wish to rebook and/or make any changes after the conclusion of the contract then we have the right to charge an adequate rebooking fee for each traveling person. This would only be the case if we have higher expenses through the rebooking or changes (for example Rental station, hotels, expenses of third parties, etc.). Up to the starting date of the trip/services you have the possibility to replace yourself. As long as a third party dose not have subjects to the provisions, with exceptions to any unforeseen problems.

Non appearance

If you do not appear or decide not to use the accomplishment completely or partially respectively without the influence of a case of higher force, impossibilities or through bad performance of third parties we keep the caveat on the booking and traveling fees. We will of course pay back any saved fees as long as they where also reimbursed back to us from third parties, with the deduction of our administration charges.

Contractual liability

For damages in connection to services, which were only imparted as external service, even by attending a special arrangement/activity we are not liable for the default of external services of third parties. A damage claim against the organizer has a restricted liability or excluded liability, based on international agreements or based on such legal regulations, which are to be used on the responsible party of which the service is being fulfilled. A damage claim against the responsible party is only under specific requisites or constrains possible or are excluded under specific circumstances. We are not liable for services which could not be fulfilled due to higher forces, nature phenomena’s, weather etc. Under these circumstances a compensation for the already made payments is not possible. Every participant at/on our services is responsible for his/her suitable insurance (Health or Accident insurance etc.) We advise to conclude a traveling insurance. We disclaim all liabilities by accidents etc.

Guarantee and obligation to co-operate

By possible performance troubles you are obliged to do your utmost, in the lawful scope, to solve the problems and keep possible damage a low as possible. If a service is not fulfilled or is only partially fulfilled, you can demand a corrective action within an adequate time period. Your complaint has to be filed with us or our service partner immediately. This party will be assigned to solve the problem, as long as it is possible and does not cause disproportional work and costs. We can also put things right through binging a service of equal value. On your demand the service party has to record all problems. Amendment claims or any relevant fault can only be claimed if we are responsible for what caused the damage.

Minimum number of participating people

If a service is designed for a minimum number of people, and this number is not reached within four weeks before the date of departure we can with draw from the contract or propose an alternative. We will naturally inform you immediately after the occurrence of the condition. For the non accomplishment we will pay back the already paid fees where applicable.

Exclusion of pretensions and the limitation of claim

Pretensions of all kind have to be reported to the service party within two weeks after the in the traveling contract foreseen ending date of the service. The mandate reprehension is excluded. After the date of expiration the traveler can only claim pretensions if he/she missed the date of expiration without any self-infliction. This has to be proved in written form. Claims of the traveler (after the contract guarantee claim) expire after one year. The time of expiration beings with the day on which the service was meant to end in the traveling contract.

Traveling insurance

A traveling with drawl cost insurance is not included in the booking price. We urgently advise to take out such an insurance when buying the plane ticket. We also advise to take an abroad health insurance or to inform yourself about to coverage of your health insurance abroad. If an insurance case should occur one has to inform the insurance company, respectively the rental station immediately. The tour operator is not concerned with the claim adjustment und can not be made liable for the same.

Place of venue

Place of performance and fulfillment: Vancouver B.C.


Natural Western Canada Tours Ltd.